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421 all different World Coins - More info after viewing.
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Above are 421 all diffrent Cartalog numbered Word Coins. There are no duplicates, insome instances the novice colector may initially think that there doesn't seem to be a difference. And indeed at first glance there are minute differences that the catalogers see, andd assign a seperate Catalog Number. Sometimes the minute difference may be that one coin may be milled, and the other plain, spelling errors  often crete a siilar but different Number, or the queens hairstyle change is suppicient for a similar but different number, even dots being added, deleted or modified are sufficient for  change creating a New Number. These examples are only a few, and there are many other examples that the collector may encounter. IMO, Numismatics is an excellent hobby. It offers much to learn and to appreciate and there are no hard rules, the collector chooses what, when, and where, plus how and even why to collect.

Enjoy!  Numismatically yours, Bob

The few silver coins seen were intentionally included.

Hello Friend,
Always, I have both wanted and needed to get rid of Common Coins that I have plentiful.
Although they do sell, it's because they're sold À La Carte. Previously, I've offered group lots and poundage, w/o success.

The coins above are a large lot. However, I tried to offer commons in quantity, and haven't had success doing so. But, it seems as if my wife, eventually, may have to accept Pennies on the Dollar unless I can find a way to sell everything to get us out of debt while I'm living.
eBay "Sold Coins and Banknotes" listings are my price gauge. But they want 13 percent off the listing and the shipping cost! Between them and the USPS, making a profit is difficult! (Plus, many States are now in the act of taking taxes on our previously taxed items!)


37 1/2 Cents each plus $7.00 shipping.
(($157.85 + $7.00))

-  OR  -

Perhaps legal gambling may work, as done by the likes of Publishers Clearing House giving a "Free Chance" with a purchase, or Coke giving a possible prize that's under the bottle cap.